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Our latest PROMO Video to showcase the training TAC*ONE Consulting has conducted over the last few months!

TAC*ONE Consulting offers a variety of active shooter & tactical trainings and programs for law enforcement.

Since 2007, TAC*ONE Consulting has been committed to bringing quality cutting edge training to law enforcement and the private sector. It is our belief that in order to be successful one must be aggressive and mentally prepared to deal with the situations one might encounter. Our mission statement says it all “Provide each officer the tactical mindset to win deadly encounters” All of TAC*ONE Consulting’s curriculum is built with the principles of that philosophy in mind.

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active shooter training

Let the knowledge and experience of TAC*ONE’s training staff hone your skills, challenge your decision making and more importantly prepare you to meet the ever changing challenges the Law Enforcement communities faces policing today’s increasingly violent society.”Learn from the tactical officers that have actually been there, not from people with just theoretical knowledge.”

 TAC*ONE Consulting offers a variety of active shooter & tactical trainings and programs for law enforcement.  Other specialties for police, sheriff & other law enforcement officers include officer survival, dignitary protection and high risk warrant execution.  There has been a growing interest to address security training needs for school faculty and the private sector with school violence incidents issues as well as casino, hotel and resort security.

In that event of an active shooter crisis, do you possess the metal toughness to focus and see options and opportunities? You won’t have the time to figure it out. We will teach you how to make it instinct.

Trainings for civilians are offered as well including concealed carry programs and self defense courses.

All of our specialized officer training courses and civilian programs are available in Colorado at a variety of locations or on location for you and your team.  We have traveled nationwide to 12 states which include Wyoming, Las Vegas, New Mexico, Alaska, Miami and more.

TAC*ONE Consulting is staffed with the brightest and the best subject matter experts in the active shooter response, tactical medicine, executive protection and tactical training field.

Active Shooter Response Programs & Police Officer Training

TAC*ONE Consulting offers active shooter response & tactical training for law enforcement and self defense concealment training for civilians.


Busy Month at Tac*One Consulting

Busy Month at Tac*One Consulting

Parts of January were extremely busy here at Tac*One Consulting.  We are going to try and do a better job of updating you on what is going on here. We know it helps you make decisions on what trainings may be right for you and your team. Here’s a glance at one  busy week inContinue Reading

Thoughts on School Shootings and Response

I started writing this post last week, prior to the school shooting at Arapahoe High School on Friday 12/13/13. We were approaching the 1 year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting and there was a bit of reflection on it.  I’ve edited what I wrote a bit since last Friday, but just publishing now. YouContinue Reading

Channel 2 Video Regarding Active Shooter Training Following Arapahoe High School

It was already to be a busy weekend for TAC*ONE Consulting with trainings in Limon and Littleton for Law Enforcement and a civilian CCW class in Loveland at the Tanner Gun Show. The shooting that occurred yesterday at Arapahoe High School in Centennial CO is exactly what we train our law enforcement clients for.  IContinue Reading

Video of TAC*ONE Consulting On KDVR FOX31 After Arapahoe High School Shooting

Last night Joe Deedon appeared on Fox 31 (actually on Channel 2 KWGN) around 7pm after the Arapahoe High School Shooting. Joe answered some questions regarding school shootings, trainings and active shooter training for law enforcement. On Fox 31 News they also aired a piece on the 9pm news that contained footage that was madeContinue Reading

College Students on Probation for Defending Against Intruder

Gun-Control is a rather Controversial Subject in our society today. Especially considering matters Students carrying on College Campuses. Though these students violated Campus Policy, do you feel like they were justified in pulling their weapon on the intruder? This article poses the question, if you’re living on campus, how do you defend yourself? Is CampusContinue Reading


On August 14th, FOX 31 News featured a story on our Active Shooter Training at Aurora Public Schools over the summer! Below is a link to our story!

Active Shooter Article makes Pennsylvania News!

TAC*ONE CONSULTING was featured on the Front Page in an article of Press Enterprise in Danville, Pennsylvania! The story covered our Active Shooter Instructor training that we conducted back in June 2013! We were so excited to branch out to the East Coast and receive the opportunity to train in Pennsylvania, so it’s extraordinary that weContinue Reading

Active Shooter Training in New Mexico!

This week we’re in Santa Fe, New Mexico! Our First day of Active Shooter Training is completed! Looking forward to the rest of the week. We are also conducting our “Lone Wolf” Active Shooter Response Training in Northern Montana on Friday! Please check out our Facebook page for updates and photos from these classes.

TAC*ONE is Training at Aurora Public Schools

This week, TAC*ONE Consulting is conducting training at Aurora Public Schools, which will incorporate Active Shooter Training and Mass Casualty Care for Law Enforcement. Active Shooter training is our specialty, and hitting close to home here in Colorado, it is very important for our Law Enforcement Officers to know how to respond effectively to an Active Gunman. DuringContinue Reading


TAC*ONE CONSULTING’S LATEST PROMO VIDEO! Features some of the most recent photos and video footage shot over the last few months! Watch the entire thing – it’s an amazing video with amazing footage. You can see other videos of ours on our YouTube page!