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TAC*ONE is in Idaho this Week!

This week TAC*ONE Consulting is in Boise, Idaho to conduct our Basic Sniper Course, hosted by Ada County Sheriff’s Office. We think it’s an awesome class! Everyone really likes it and is having a great time.

We’re also holding our Tactical Tracking Search and Rescue Course this week, hosted by Bingham County Sheriff’s Office. It’s one of the most recently-added classes to our repertoire, and it’s FULL of information! The knowledge gained throughout this course is ideal for Search-and-Rescue missions, Border Security, Game and Fish operations, and missing persons.

We go in-depth into:

Basic tracking principles,

Interpreting sign

Case development through crime scene and evidence analysis

Crime scene tools and tricks of the trade

Micro-tracking and lost track procedures

Leadership and team operating skills

Night tracking

Communications and Incident Command from a tactical track or Search and Rescue operation

Developing probable cause by tracks

Development of a Add-Hock or Hasty Team

Immediate action drills related to ambush or counter-tracking

Basic map reading and GPS uses

Camouflage and Concealment principles

Ambush and counter-tracking procedures

Real life tracking review on successful tracking operations including tactical and SAR


Our students seem to be really enjoying themselves and learning a lot! Idaho is a new frontier for us and we are so excited to be training with Ada County Sheriff’s Office and Bingham County Sheriff’s Office. Thank you to our Hosts and to all who are attending this week! Pictures will be posted shortly!